The Mob of Crows

I draw inspiration from the shadows, exploiting life’s little monstrosities. My music is my medicine and sharing it has shown me a community of kindred spirits. Together, we defy conformity.

FUCK the common path and everyone that has ever doubted us. In Mob of Crows, we reject societal standards, exchanging our stories and healing as we go. If my words offend, that’s okay; this isn’t for everyone. It’s about forging a band of like-minded souls. I eschew big industry labels, working intimately with you, my mob.

This community values uniqueness, accepting all life aspirations. Join our mission to challenge conventions, speak your mind, and celebrate imperfections. You’ve got one chance; why waste it worrying what others will think? This might just be what you’ve been looking for.

I’ve penned personal memoirs spanning my entire life, and I’ve stashed a private collection of phone videos, unreleased demos, and other curiosities in a secret online vault for The Mob. When you join, you become an official Crow, unlocking all these treasures and a 20% discount code for the J.CW Store.


 My old friend Jarid joined me in my garage for a jam session. We had our knock off Fender Strats and one beat up old Marshall 15watt amp. A spare box spring and mattress, which sat in the middle of the garage, served as our seat. In the corner stood a rusted file cabinet containing a stash of Guitar World magazines. The one we pulled that day held the sheet music for “Today,” a brand new Smashing Pumpkins song.

We plugged in our axes, flipped the amp’s switch, igniting a tiny red light, and studied the tablature like hawks. Jarid plucked away at the lead notes and after a few measures; I hammered in with the driving power chords. We grinned as the fuzzy sound of distortion hushed the rain hitting the roof. Our eyes lit up, and a monster was born that day. We had to form a band.

Small island living is great, but it has drawbacks when searching for local like-minded musicians. Jarid and I hunted for the perfect group of characters to join us in taking over the world …


How does this work?

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What will I receive?

Once you join The Mob, you'll promptly receive a welcome email with a 20% discount code for the J.CW Store. Two days later, you'll receive an email explaining everything The Mob of Crows entails and how it operates. Every Tuesday, expect a personal memoir from me, along with show updates, ticket discounts, Mob-Only merch specials, and more.

How will I be able to access the online vault?

I'll email you a secret link and password for online vault access. Just click the link, enter the password on the opening page. I'll update the vault and notify you via email.