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I’ve written a series of personal memoirs spanning all years of my life. I’ve also created a secret collection of phone vids & pics, unreleased demo versions of songs, and so much more in a special online vault. When you subscribe, you don’t just become an official Crow of the Mob, but you also gain access to everything I just mentioned. Oh, and a 10% discount code to use in the J.CW Store.

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It was a cold rainy day in October 1996. I was a freshman in high school living at my parent’s house in the small town of Chester, Maryland on Kent Island. Like any young aspiring musician, I dreamed of being a rock star.

My friend, Jarid, joined me in my garage for a jam session. We had our knock off Fender Strats and one beat up old Marshall 15watt amp. A spare box spring and mattress my dad had picked up from a friend sat in the garage that we used for a seat. A stash of Guitar World magazines resided in a rusted file cabinet. The one we pulled contained the sheet music for the Smashing Pumpkins song “Today”. We plugged in, flipped the amp’s switch igniting a tiny red light, and studied the tablature like hawks. Jarid plucked away at the lead notes and after a few measures; I hammered in with the rhythmic power chords. We grinned as the fuzzy sound of distortion muted the rain hitting the roof. Our eyes lit up, and a monster was born that day. We had to form a band.

Small island living is great, but it has drawbacks when searching for local like-minded musicians. Jarid and I hunted for the perfect group of characters to join us in taking over the world…

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