Hello Crow

I’m J. Coursey Willis ... an alt-rock artist whose poignant lyrics delve into addiction, despair, heartbreak, and tragedy - and I might just have what you’re looking for.

In the quiet observation of a solitary crow, we glimpse a hidden world of camaraderie and protection. These enigmatic creatures, guardians of secrets, protect and mourn in unity, much like us.

From my youth, I’ve dreamed of soaring like them through the night sky, escaping my inner demons. Yet, in reality, we must face our future fears to heal our past wounds, but we don’t have to do it alone.

Imagine the vigilant crow, a silent sentinel watching over, ready to rally its brethren in times of peril. Together, as a family, as a mob, you are never truly alone.


Have You Heard the Midnight Sirens?

Midnight Sirens '24

 Join the Journey

Become a vital part in the creation of my next album and help shape its destiny. I am in search of visionary patrons who are ready to embark on this grand adventure, investing not only in me but also in my most ambitious project to date. Together, we will craft a musical masterpiece that will resonate through time and you will get a behind the scenes look at how its all done.

Looking For This?

Never Feel Alone Again

Join us beneath a full moon breaking the tree lined horizon as we drift off slowly,
listening to the midnight sirens ...